Cefinn Sirens - Alison Hope Murray

Meet Alison Hope Murray, Creative Director, self-professed ‘curator of curves’, good friend of the brand and our latest Cefinn Siren! We spent the day with Alison in her gorgeous home in London, styling our latest Spring collection and talking all things TikTok, how to make the most of your clothes, career highlights and so much more.


Alison has also had an extensive career within the fashion industry, with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom on how women can both look and more importantly feel their very best, we definitely recommend following Alison on all social platforms for a daily dose of feel-good energy, all-round fabulous style and of course the most fabulous hair…

What do you do professionally?

I work as a Creative Director in the beauty industry. I get to put together campaigns, build creative identities and develop ideas into real life products and marketing stories.

How did you get into this industry?

I worked in fashion for a long time before I fell into beauty. I realised a couple of years into my career that what I cared about most is how women feel.

What’s been a major career highlight for you?

The fashion and beauty industries are predominately female oriented. The women I have worked with, for and had the privilege of directing are a constant highlight. Being around hardworking, successful, and passionate women is a constant joy and privilege.

Best advice you have been given personally & professionally?

Personally, people won’t remember what you said, they will remember how you made them feel. I think about this every time I’m working on a campaign. Professionally, managing up is as important as managing down but it’s harder than it sounds.

How did you get into making content on platforms like TikTok?

As a woman who creates content for brands as part of my job, I am constantly aware of the small size range we portray women’s bodies to be. Someone very close to me planted the seed of posting on TikTok, I had the skillset to create the content and I realised if I didn’t like what I see, I could do something about it.

Cefinn Outfit Inspo by Alison

Where do you get your inspiration from for videos?

Every time I feel uncomfortable in what I’m wearing or myself, I like to decipher why that might be. I’ve learnt along the way that if I feel it, chances are someone else does too, so I share it. The thing I like the most about TikTok is that it’s not so much about the end result, the process is the inspiration. Whether that’s the thought process in the styling of an outfit or just the act of getting dressed. Instagram is often just a curated final outfit, but TikTok gets it’s name for being the rougher sister, I think because it’s not often we get to see a real behind the scenes.

What are your go-to, fail-safe accessories?

It doesn’t really matter where I am going, I wear the same jewellery regardless. My wedding rings, a gold family signet ring, a ring set from By Pariah. A soldered Sarah and Sebastian bracelet and necklace I really never take off. I almost always wear the diamond studs my parents got me for my 21st birthday or my Missoma gold drop earrings my brother and sister bought me for my 30th.

What are your fashion tips and tricks when it comes to purchasing clothes?

I have to really, really love something in order for it join me in my home. I have to love it for more than a couple of days, I have to be able to wear it with multiple different pieces I already own, and I have to not feel like it’s a trend piece. It has to be well made – the price point and the brand name is often not the kicker here, I have some incredibly well made high street pieces in amazing fabrics, it’s about the fabrication and the final execution to me. I also avoid man-made fibres where I can and where it makes sense to.

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

Anyone who looks like a highlight of their day is getting dressed. A key part of my day is asking where my team got everything they are wearing. It’s a cliché because it’s true, inspiration is everywhere. I love people watching on my commute, I’m originally from Sydney and I don’t know if I could ever go back and drive to work every day. I love seeing what everyone is wearing.

Top 3 Instagram account to follow?

Vivia Hoorn | @vivanhoorn | Amsterdam-based vivial storyteller, fashion and lifestyle photographer and art director.


Pia Baroncini| @piabaroncini | Creative Director of a fashion label LPA, podcast host, dog rescue advocate & new mum.


Athena Calderone | @eyeswoon | Author, Interior Designer & Culinary Storyteller.

Cefinn Outfit Inspo by Alison

Favourite pieces from Cefinn’s collection?

My Daphne Pin Corduroy V Neck Maxi Dress. I love how versatile it is. I can layer it, with a shirt underneath or a knit over the top. She looks great with trainers or with heels out to dinner.

Do you think it's important for fashion designers to have a wide range of experience when it comes to styling and creating clothes?

I look for clothes that are going to spark joy every single time I put them on. To me that often comes through in colour. Pockets and the ease in which I can get something on and off, is also a key deciding factor. I fluctuate between a 12 and 14 so I often make sure something has room to add a belt or might still work not belted and layered with something looser.

What do you love about Cefinn?

I think the consideration of fabrication with elements of tailoring are really clever and never over complicated.