Cefinn Sirens - Emma & Daisy Sims-Hilditch

Introducing our latest Cefinn Sirens - Artist & Interior Designer, Daisy & Emma Sims Hilditch.

We’re big fans of the creative mother & daughter duo and spent a morning together at Daisy's beautiful home in West London, discussing all things interiors (of course!), their mother-daughter bond and career journeys so far, all while styling their favourite pieces from our latest Autumn collection.

Emma, what do you do professionally?

I am an Interior Designer with a Design Studio in the Cotswolds. We have a team of over 30 and work on projects all over the UK and in Europe. We do both the interior architectural work (kitchens, bathrooms, joinery design etc) and the decoration work. We are specialists in Listed buildings and particularly enjoy restoring buildings to their former glory.

How did you get into this career?

I grew up in a very creative household. My mother had a talent for making our homes beautiful and my great grandfather was a Royal Academician. I started my career in the film industry working for Ridley Scott; It was a great training - immersed in film production that was both creative and highly organised.

Shortly after meeting my husband John, we got married and had our first child Daisy. We moved to a derelict schoolhouse in Wiltshire where we still live today. John started Neptune with his business partner, and I learnt to be a curtain maker. Both were kitchen table startups 25 years ago.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Today I am lucky to have an incredible team at SH. I love nothing better than getting involved in scheming for our projects. I enjoy spending time sourcing antiques and fine art and can often be found at Kempton Market finding unexpected treasures.

Favourite thing about your job?

Meeting and working with amazing clients in the knowledge that we have the power to make their homes the best they can possibly be. A sanctuary, a comforting retreat where everything is designed to make life calm and restorative.

Biggest or best personal and professional moments?

Receiving some wonderful accolades including the House & Garden Top 100, starting my plant-based cookery videos, being a Mum of three truly inspirational children and choosing to marry John 32 years ago.

How did you hear about Cefinn?

It was through Instagram that I came across the beautiful brand. I love the quality of the clothing and the fabrics are always beautiful.

Do you feel like your job reflects your fashion?

When looking for clothes I always gravitate towards natural materials. The same is true of our interiors where will work with beautiful brands such as de le Cuona, GPJ Baker, and smaller brands such as Mahala textiles whose prints are all hand blocked in India.

Daisy, how would you describe your art?

My art is driven by my obsession for capturing light in oil paint. I paint from life and when a subject moves me, I start to paint. Usually, it is light on a subject that moves something inside me and I want to capture it on a canvas in order to express the emotion that I feel to the viewer.

Where's your favourite place you have ever painted?

This is a tough question as there are a few places that move me deeply. These include Cornwall, Switzerland and Venice, as I have been painting in these places since I was in my teens and each place has a special light quality.

A recent painting trip to Lake Como made me yearn to go back for more, the mountain and lake combination was unbelievably beautiful and created incredible atmospheric effects. I have an exciting collaboration in the pipeline with a hotel there this autumn so will be back in October!

Most exciting moment in your career to date?

There have been many exciting moments for me. When I was 18 I was selected to exhibit in the Saatchi Gallery out of 18,000 applicants and this was a great kick start to my career.

My paintings have since exhibited in top London Galleries including Philip Mould Gallery next to masters such as Van Dyke, De László and Cedric Morris, two sell out solo exhibitions at the Portland gallery in St James’s, articles in the Times and FTHTSI, painting portraits such as the Chief of the General staff Sir Mark Carlton Smith, exhibiting one of my portraits at the National gallery shortlisted for the BP Awards, and a self portrait inspired by the light in my studio has been shortlisted for the Ruth Borchard prize and is about to exhibit in the Atkinson Museum.

One word you would use to describe Cefinn?

Beautiful quality clothes for every occasion, made to last and also fit very nicely.

Do you feel your creative background played a role in your career today?

Definitely. My family are full of creatives, my earliest memories are of creative endeavours with my mum and Granny. Granny used to take us to museums and galleries as children all the time and always had boxes of felt, paint, card and other crafty things, we weren’t allowed tv or game boys so we spent all of our time drawing/ making things and cooking.

How do you enjoy spending your free time away from work?

I am driven by my work so I am constantly thinking about painting but I love to spend time exploring new places with my boyfriend Ale, and enjoy catching up with friends, cooking, skiing and hiking in the mountains with my family.

Doing up my flat and studio slowly and always looking through interiors magazines and antiques shops. I love interior design and my space really affects my mind and therefore my art, hence why I have made it somewhere that I love to be. Each piece in my home has been selected over time and means something to me.

Can you both tell us your favourite Cefinn piece from the shoot?

Daisy: I love everything I wore for the shoot because I love good quality clothes that will last. I adore the Noah Corduroy Midi dress and can see myself living in that this Autumn! I may even paint in it…

Emma: My favourite piece is the pretty floral Sawyer dress. I love the frill detail on the shoulder and the length is perfect for me (I’m 5ft9”).

Finally, anything exciting in the pipeline either of you can tell us about.

Daisy: Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline including travelling to new places to paint but follow me on Instagram for my painting diary- I’d like to keep the details a secret for now!

Emma: Lots of things! We are working in New York, Valencia, Inverness as well as some lovely projects closer to home.