Cefinn Sirens - Lucy Kent


We are so excited to introduce our latest Siren; landscape painter & founder of Art For Charity Collective, Lucy Kent.

We spent the day at Lucy's beautiful, newly designed home in Wiltshire chatting all things, fashion, art, Christmas, while also learning more about her work with Art For Charity Collection which combines both Lucy's love of art, with her passion of working closely with an array of wonderful charities and non profit organisations. We also meet her lovely friend and colleague, Flea and shot some fun pictures over a glass of bubbles to get into the festive spirit (work purposes - of course!)


Where did your passion for art start?

I was literally born into art. My mother said a pencil was pretty much the first thing I held, and I was constantly drawing from a young age. I come from quite an arty family - mum drew and painted too, my sister designs rugs and my brother writes poetry, so it was probably always destined to be. I used to want to be a cartoonist as I was always mesmerised by the magic of Disney films growing up.

How would you describe your art style?

I describe myself as a contemporary landscape painter. I’m definitely not a traditionalist, most certainly a colourist, and love the actual texture and behaviour of paint. I get excited by light and colour in nature; I love a big sky and rolling clouds. My paintings are much more about gesture, atmosphere and the feeling of the place, rather than exact representations.

Tell us all about Art For Charity Collective?

We are a global artist collective raising money for charities via live Instagram auctions, and more recently from in person events too. It was born out of lockdown, when I noticed charities struggling around me with all their normal avenues to funding shut down The Artist Support Pledge was doing really well for lots of artists and had created a little micro-economy buying back into art – and I wanted to create something whereby we could also give back to charity. So I started running auctions on my own Instagram, auctioning off my paintings with a percentage donated to charity. And then it just snowballed. Lots of other artists wanted to get involved, and we just grew from there.

.We have now raised £270,000 for various charities since we began in September 2020. Our ethos is ‘collect art and give back’. We feel strongly about supporting charities, but also about supporting our artists equally. We are also about to start an art consultancy branch which is really exciting, as I’ve always loved sourcing art and supporting other artists and collectors.

Tell us about working with Flea and how this came about?

Flea has a background in arts PR and was originally helping me with my own work. It was around the same time I started ACC, which then became so busy she ended up working a lot on ACC. We got on so well that the natural next step was for her to come on board as my Co-Founder. I simply couldn’t have continued ACC without her, and it’s lovely working with someone who has become a great friend and also feels as passionately about ACC as I do.

Where has been your favourite place to paint?

I’ve been lucky enough to paint in a few amazing places - Madagascar being a favourite, a highlight being lemur trekking in between painting.

Another highlight was South Africa. We were staying north of Johannesburg on a farm, and there was a spot the owner said I would love to paint looking over huge plains. The only way to get there was by helicopter and they then dropped me on a cliff ledge to paint! Quite terrifying, but also incredible and something I won’t forget in a hurry.

Have you got any work trips planned you can tell us about?

I’m going to Kenya in January for the first time. I will be in the bush for half the time and onto the coast for the second half. Then in March I plan on visiting California. I’ve been wanting to go for ages, and am going to head out to the desert too and paint Joshua Tree.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Meeting my collectors personally and telling them the stories behind the paintings. Paintings bring joy and that is enough for me. A lovely fellow painter I met recently said I helped to get her through lockdown with my paintings and the colour on my Instagram feed. That really made my day. I also love to travel and paint - soak up new lights, colours, smells and cultures.

Coolest person to buy your art?

Guy Ritchie bought a painting for his pub once. I gave Fearne Cotton a painting as a thank you for being so supportive with the Art for Charity Collective. I really admire everything she does for raising awareness around mental health and she’s also a brilliant painter herself.

Flea and I were awarded a Points of Light Award last year for services to society and were recently invited to Downing Street for an event for other award winners, where I taught an art workshop too. Also being made an ambassador for the incredible NFP A Space Between, who do amazing work through hospitals and other isolated communities, making art more widely accessible as therapeutic material with workshops, creative care packages and other wonderful things.

How would you describe your personal style?

Painter-chic?! In summer it’s a little more stylish than in winter, when I’m mostly found in a paint-splattered coat fending off frost bite whilst painting outside! But I’ve always loved clothes. My style is pretty easy-going: a good pair of high-waisted straight cut jeans, hi-top converse, and a nice knit – Cefinn do the best of course! For going out: swap the knit for a silk shirt tucked in loosely at the front.

How did you hear about Cefinn?

Our mutual friend Isabel! Daily Dress Edit was when Cefinn first came on my radar I think. Friends and word of mouth, which is always the best way with everything I think.

Favourite pieces from Cefinn’s collection?

The classic needle cord Daphne dress, such a useful shape and so wearable; dress up with heels or down with trainers. Love ALL the knits and the Tiana leather skirt.

What are your plans for Christmas, and will you be wearing Cefinn to any parties?

I will be wearing my red Daphne dress on Christmas day for sure! It’s the perfect festive dress.

Any fashion rules for Christmas time?

Anything a bit extra! I love wearing dark nails, extra sparkle and lots of velvet is imperative.

What do you love most about Cefinn?

That it’s a small British brand trying to do better for sustainability in fashion. The quality of the materials; I know my pieces will last and stand the test of time. They are ageless pieces you can dress up or down. There is something for every style.