24/Cefinn - Art We're Loving

Even as lockdown eases we’re still dreaming of an escape from the everyday – and what better way than with inspiring art.
We’ve collaborated with four artists we're loving, inviting them to show us how they style their favourite pieces from our latest collection at home in their studio.
Jessica Yolanda Kaye is an Australian artist based in London. Her work is inspired by people and the way they interact with others and themselves. Through a sequence of rigorous sketches, she seeks to capture intimate everyday moments in a single line.

'Drawing isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being free. It’s about letting go of the day and getting out of your head'.
Working from her studio in Cornwall, Nina captures the world's most beautiful places, as seen from an aerial perspective. Her paintings describe a heady mixture of sunshine, beach life and surf culture - evoking that joyful feeling of spending time in nature

'I want to highlight the importance of protecting the oceans, and the planet. Growing up on the Cornish coast has meant that I have always been drawn to the seas' turquoise waters and inky depths'.
German artist Juliane Kellersmann lives and works in London. Her work is a patchwork of layers, depth and distance and creates an interface between viewer and object that shifts and changes, as thoughts and responses rise and sink back into the painting. It's a sensory relationship built upon the act of looking.

'Nature is my biggest source of inspiration. The colours and shapes found in it can be mind blowing. I made it my mission as an artist to find a way to translate them'.
Laetitia is a French artist living in London. After studying at Central Saint Martins School, Laetitia's career began as a fashion designer and her work soon evolved into playing with different mediums such as print, textile, paint and ceramic.

'The most interesting part is the learning process - that never ends and always opens new possibilities'.