24/Cefinn - Isabel Spearman

Isabel is a brand consultant and founder of @DailyDressEdit - a daily Instagram edit for dress-lovers - and is launching a virtual Pop Up on May 10th to support small independent brands.

Earlier this spring we went out and photographed Isabel in our latest, brightest print - Orange Leopard Pansy.
"I love wearing orange, it’s such a great zesty pop of colour.

This print is a clever one using black as a base, allowing you to easily pair it with black accessories for a fresh and modern look."
"I admit I am a colour and print obsessive, so this orange knit and skirt is completely up my street. I know many women are nervous of wearing orange but it is more flattering than you think as it warms most skin tones."
"Yes I am biased, but I genuinely live in Cefinn more than any other label in my wardrobe. It travels well, I can wear it to a variety of meetings and events and, most importantly, I always feel great wearing it.
And at the end of the day, that's all we need in our wardrobes.
A few killer outfits that work hard and can do multiple jobs."