Cefinn Sirens - Anna Bromilow

Anna Bromilow is a top fashion stylist working with the likes of Elle MacPherson. As the former Fashion Director of Tatler she is used to travelling for work juggling shoots and clients. She lives in North London with her husband and their three girls.

What is your favourite restaurant and why? 

For summer, Beso on Formentera. One of my best friends has booked her 40th there next year and we are already counting the days.

What TV series would you recommend?

KILLING EVE.  Jodie Comer is just a total revelation- she is hypnotic. Strong, eccentric, sexy female leads and some great fashion (hello neon Molly Goddard in Place du Vendome)- it was love for me.. 

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I studied History of Art- this is an impossible question! To hang in my home- probably a portraitist. John Singer Sargent is a contender. 

How do you achieve a good work/life balance? 

With huge difficulty. I tend to say yes to a lot- work and personal and I go at a million miles an hour until I crash and burn. But apart from the obvious like being organised, being focused, understanding you can’t always do it all, I have three golden rules. Put the children first, listen to my increasingly wise husband and make it fun. Life is short, laughter is everything. 

What are your tips of what to wear to a big meeting?  

With all of my clients, we talk about the importance of feeling effortless- this doesn’t mean necessarily putting comfort first, more in terms of style- it has to be an extension of you. Whether a couture dress or a jumpsuit, it has to work for the event and feel like you. For work this is key. Feeling empowered, put together and stylish but never ill at ease. Your focus needs to be on the meeting, on communicating with your clients or colleagues, not worrying about your wardrobe choice. Tailoring normally gets me in the zone and feeling efficient. There is nothing worse than being too hot though so keeping cool and reducing layering is key. Also, a good manicure is advisable. Your hands say a lot about you.

Whats the best advice someone has given you?

Issy Blow always used to say you need light and shade creatively- so simple but I’ve heard her voice so many times in the middle of shoots. You always need to put a bit of rough with the smooth. It’s what life is about. 

Has a book/film changed your life?

The English Patient. I cried so much I can’t even listen to the music. Ralph has been god ever since. 

Which words or phrases do you overuse?

It sounds so Abfab but I do use Darling and Amazing a lot.  

What is your favourite art gallery and why?

Probably the National. I’ve been going there since I was a child and still get chills walking up the entrance steps

Where is your favourite place to travel to and why?

Italy. Always has been and always will be. 

What was your first job?

I taught the violin when I was in my teens. This was in contrast followed by a stint as a door girl (in white cowboy hat) at Ponana at Bristol Uni.

What has been your best job? Funniest job?

The golden years in Tatler were hard to beat. Some hilarious trips took place, LA, Ibiza… working abroad on a shoot in a team is intense, you’re joining forces creatively often with strangers, and doing everything together, day in day out. I’ve been so lucky to have some fantastic assistants over the years, who’ve not only been insanely organised but also incredibly funny. That for me makes the shoot. There are many stories that shall not be repeated. 

What is your favourite journey?

Probably the drive down to Cornwall every summer with the children. It’s formally marks the start of the holidays, reminds me of my wonderful childhood and feels like a proper adventure, like we’re the Famous Five. We all adore it. 

Anna's Instagram: @anna_bromilow 

Make Up: Bobbi Brown UK @bobbibrownuk